Quantity: 30g
Ingredients: 100% Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea

Product contains: 30 g

 33,17 / 100 g

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Our Matcha for everyone, KISSA MATCHA BASIC. Only original Japanese Matcha in organic quality goes into the tin. High quality Matcha at the best price – MATCHA BASIC is our offer to Matcha newbies. Due to its intense flavour it’s also the perfect Matcha for cooking, baking and the preparation of Matcha Latte. Certified organic.

Intense and a little bit harsh in flavour, also perfect for cooking, baking and the preparation of Matcha Latte

The little Matcha allrounder for everyone – high in antioxidants, polyphenols and caffeine

Perfect for
Matcha newbies & those who want to get creative with Matcha in the kitchen

Kagoshima Prefecture located on the island Kyûshû, Japan


  • Whisk 2 bamboo scoops (1/2 tsp) of Matcha
  • With 150 ml of hot water (80°C) using a bamboo whisk

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