Quantity: 120g
Ingredients: rice drink powder* (rice*, oat fiber*, sunflower oil*, salt), coconut blossom sugar*, raw cane sugar*, 8% matcha green tea*, 3% natural flavouring type cranberry, thickening agent: pectin. *from organic agriculture
Nutritional value: Nutrition information per 100ml**
Energy 325 kj/77kal
Fat 1,1g of which saturates <1,1g
Carbohydrate 16,2g of which sugars 4,8g
Protein 0,5g
Salt 0,09g
** When prepared as directed with a rice drink.
Traits: Organic & Vegan

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Product contains: 120 g

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Pure authentic Japanese Matcha meets a fine note of cranberry. The fresh and fruity Matcha creation is perfect for hot summer days and gives a gentle dose of cooled energy. Matcha Cranberry for Latte Mix is perfect for Matcha-Lovers. It is quick and easy to prepare – especially as a cold variation. Discover more about Tea Lattes here!Certified Organic.

Mild-sweet Matcha Latte with a delightful cranberry note

Enjoy it as a cold drink! Already with rice drink powder and a little sweetness. Ready to drink in seconds, just add plant-based-drink of your choice for more creaminess, or water and enjoy.

Perfect for
On the go, for the office or if you want to enjoy quick and easy Matcha Latte with a mild-sweet flavouring

Organic & Vegan


  • Add 2 tsp (about 12g) Matcha Cranberry for Latte Mix in 250 ml warm plant-based drink at your option and stir
  • For an ice cold refreshment add ice cubes

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