Quantity: 120g
Ingredients: rice drink powder* (rice*, gluten-free oat fiber*, sunflower oil*, salt), coconut blossom sugar*, 16% Hojicha (roasted matcha green tea)*, 6% cacao powder, 4,6% mixed spices* (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, vanilla powder, mace),  natural vanilla flavouring. from organic agriculture
Nutritional value: Nutrition information per 100ml**
Energy 151kj/36kal
Fat 1,5g of which saturates 0,2g
Carbohydrate 4,8g of which sugars 0,9g
Protein 0,8g
Salt 0,14g
** When prepared as directed with an unsweetened almond drink.
Traits: Organic, Vegan & Gluten-free

Product contains: 120 g

 6,24 / 100 g

SKU: YLBH20-120 Category: Dealer certified by AT-BIO-301


Hojicha is considered the latest trend from Japan. The taste of the sweet and nutty green tea with a light roasted note is reminiscent of chocolate. KISSA is now bringing the trendy drink to us: KISSA Roasted Chai for Latte Mix combines Hojicha( roasted matcha green tea) with the popular Chai taste to create a very special and completely new drinking experience! The perfect symbiosis of finely ground Hojicha, selected spices and a bit of sweetness as a creamy-spicy Tea Latte variation for autumn & winter. Discover more about Roasted Chai for Latte Mix here! Certified organic.

Creamy and spicy, combines Hojicha (roasted matcha green tea) with the well-tried and popular Chai taste

Hojicha is the latest trend from Japan – the taste is sweet and nutty and is reminiscent of chocolate with a light roasted note.

Perfect for
On the go, for the office or if you want to enjoy quick and easy Hojicha Latte

Organic, Vegan & Gluten-free


  • Put 250ml plant-based drink and 2 tsp Roasted Chai for Latte Mix (approx. 12g) in a milk froher let it foam.

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