KISSA is tea. KISSA is fashion, lifestyle and simply en vogue
KISSA is glamour and healthy. KISSA is desirous and organic. KISSA is popstar and best friend.

KISSA combines elegance and sustainability, settled tea tradition and hectic metropolis, KISSA re invents tea, with a knowhow of centuries. KISSA creations are so very different from known tea products: KISSA builds creations, that are not only absolutely fabulous and pretty, but that also are purely good for your body and spirit and simply taste so very delicious. KISSA sets itself the standard to offer the most exquisite teas in this world in style and in most elegant wrapping. KISSA does not want to seduce you. No. KISSA wants to make you sustainably happy:

You better KISSA!

The spirit of KISSA is inspired by Japan, the land of Matcha and green tea. Japan is the  land of exclusive tea flavour and highest tea quality and home of the most elegant and aesthetic tea culture. In Japanese ‘KISSA’ means ‘drinking tea’.

The heart of KISSA is in Vienna. Metropolis of taste and flavour, cosmopolitan city of most exquisite food, boomtown for a healthy, organic lifestyle. Colourful city of festivites, proms, the life, love and of music. Also it ist he hometown of Thomas M. Grömer, tea pope and founder of KISSA TEA.

Thomas M. Grömer is dedicated to tea since 1995. His passion is Matcha and green tea. His vision: bring the unexplored treasures of Japan and their secrets of a healthy life of vitality to Europe and enthuse people for it. Thomas has written his Master thesis about the Japanese tea business while living in the fashion capital Paris, has studied the subject Tea Science in between Japanese skyscrapers and tea fields, founded the Matcha trend in Vienna – the town of coffee – and has shaped Matcha to the hottest product in tea universe in the tea harbour city of Hamburg. Tea taster, tea creator, tea pope: 2015 Thomas can look back on 20 years of international tea experience and re invents tea: KISSA tea.

KISSA TEA founder Thomas M. Grömer is familiar with every tea farmer, every tea field, every tea manufactory. Twice a year he travels to Japan, to have a close view on the tea – and the people behind it. Tea farmers that work together with Thomas are no simple farmers. They are creative masters of tea. Thomas likes to philosophise, dream and create new tea with them. He also works together on tea fields with them. After more than two years of studies about tea in Japan, in a tea field, in its origin Thomas speaks their language – the language of tea. Of course he also speaks Japanese.

It is a question of trust to buy tea on the world class level of KISSA. KISSA organic teas are specially limited, extraordinarily rare, individual and high-class – Haute Couture of the tea world. You need to know the masters of their discipline to get presented the best tea selection on the tasting table – and of course before anyone else. This is the case, not only in Japan, but also in India and South Africa, two extraordinary tea countries. Naturally for KISSA: all KISSA teas are being analysed in independent laboratories. Because what is truly excellent does not have to hide itself if it comes to analysis in any laboratory. And we are proud to say that KISSA teas have successfully passed the toughest test in the world of tea: Hamburg, Germany.

Some call Matcha the healthiest tea in the world. Superhero with antioxidants, source of power for everyone who listen to their body, superfood for people who nourish themselves healthy and conscious. For all those individuals KISSA offers wonderful Matcha teas: Matcha Beauty, Matcha Focus, Matcha Basic

Others call Matcha cacao of Japan. Feast without regrets. The most delicious tempation since chocolate, the most subtle seduction since the invention of tiramisu, the most extravagant source of desserts for haute cuisine. Juicy smoothies & super shakes, delicious lattes, crunchy cookies and creative creations have one secret: the wonderful KISSA Matcha for Cooking blend.

In addition to our pure matcha creations, we also offer Tea Latte Mixes that transform delicious Matcha or tea into creamy latte drinks.

With a lot of tea know-how, we have managed to develop our KISSA Tea Powder, which takes Rooibos and Black Tea to a new level. They are finely ground and foamed like Matcha in stone mills and supply your body with 100% of the valuable tea ingredients. Discover our varieties De-Stress, Wake Up Call and Rockstar’s Magic and enjoy a completely new form of tea. Our Accessories help you with the right preparation.