Enjoy finest Chai Latte at home!


KISSA Chai for Latte Mix is the brand-new Tea Latte for autumn and winter. A full-bodied and tasty combination of intense black tea powder, exotic spices and gentle sweetness. Get a creamy, unforgettable tea experience with the Chai for Latte Mix by KISSA.

Chai for Latte Mix contains the best ingredients, such as finely ground black tea powder, cinnamon, cloves cardamom and raw cane sugar and comes in a handy 120g resealable tin. The mix only needs to be stirred into plant-based drink or milk of your choice and is then ready to drink. The content is sufficient for 10 servings at 250ml.


Finely ground black tea forms the tea base of the KISSA Chai for Latte Mix. The black tea powder blends well with the Indian spices and turns to a full-bodied and tasty Chai Latte Mix. 


Refined with exotic Indian spices such as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. The finely ground spices warm you in winter from inside and give you strength for your everyday life. 


For the KISSA Chai for Latte Mix we only use high-quality and pesticide-free raw materials. All ingredients are organic and vegan. Therefore Chai for Latte Mix is also suitable for those who eat vegan. 


Chai for Latte Mix is ready to drink within seconds. The mix only has to be stirred into plant-based drink of your choice or it has to be mixed with a plant-based drink  directly in a milk frother.

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